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Chinese Title: 萬凰之王
Previously titled: The Queen of Queens

Casts: Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu, Sunny Chan, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Chan, Gordon Liu, Joel Chan, Elena Kong

Synopsis (translated by jaynestar)

At the same time Emperor Daoguang (Sunny Chan) announced that Tunggiya Yuen Yuen (Myolie Wu) will become the Empress Consort Hao Sun, Empress Dowager Kung Chee (Gigi Wong) forced her elder son’s wife, Niuhuru Yee Lan (Jessica Hsuan) to be a sacrificial victim at the prince’s funeral. Emperor Daoguang put aside the ceremony in which Yuen Yuen would be pronounced the Empress Consort in order to save childhood friend, Yee Lan. Emperor Daoguang broke tradition and declared Yee Lan his concubine, inciting a jealous rivalry among concubines in the palace.

Left exhausted by the repeated battles, Emperor Daoguang also accidentally discovered that Empress Consort Hao Sun was allegedly having an affair with his younger half-brother, Prince Sui (Joel Chan).

Caught between the different political forces within the palace, Yee Lan did not want her fate to be maneuvered by others. Abandoning her kind nature and turning evil instead, Yee Lan became a ruthless woman….

- 30 episodes long.
- Sunny Chan will play the Daoguang Emperor. He wants peace in the palace so that he can take more time to deal with the matters of the country.
- Jessica Hsuan will play a favoured imperial concubine named Quan Fei (全妃).
- Myolie Wu will play Empress Xiao Shen Cheng (孝慎成), who is a bad empress. She will fight with Jessica for power. She and Jessica will compete in conceiving, and will fight for the affections of Sunny. To protect herself and her family's status, she will fight with Jessica the most. Her mother is the mastermind behind everything. She will play a pregnant woman.
- Gigi Wong will play the queen, Sunny's mother.
- Joel Chan will play the Daoguang Emperor's younger brother, Rui Qin Wang (瑞親王). He will help Sunny deal with the matters of the country. He and Myolie have an unspeakable secret. He will have an affair with Myolie.
- Nancy Wu will initially play a maid in the palace who serves Jessica. Then she becomes Myolie and Jessica's spy. Because she no longer wants to be manipulated by them, she does things to capture the affections of the emperor, thereby becoming a concubine. She is a villain.
- Sire Ma will play the Myolie's cousin, Lok Yan (樂欣). She is naive, lively, and romantic. Her father is an important minister. She admires Joel a lot, and he later becomes her husband; however, he doesn't truly like her, as he likes Myolie.
- Rebecca Chan will play the empress' mother and the wife of a prime minister. She is motherly. She will pair up with Gordon Liu.
- Ben Wong will play a student of Chinese and western medicine. He will have a crush on his classmate, Jessica.
- Kong Hon will play Jessica's father and Ben's master.
- Jess Sum will play Cheng Fei (成妃), a concubine who always talks about others.
- Vivien Yeo will play Yun Fei (芸妃), a concubine with a bad character. She is greedy and will frequently frame and torment Macy Chan. She will not have a good ending, as she will die early on. She only appears in the first four episodes.
- Macy will play Choi Kiu (彩喬), a maid in the palace who experiences many things. She will serve Jessica. She has a good character. Because of Vivien, she will become mute from poison; however, Jessica takes her in, and finds someone to cure her. She also later finds her biological father.
- Charmaine Li will play a concubine.
- Lee Yee Man will play Choi Yin (彩燕), the empress' chief maid in the palace.
- Elena Kong will play Xin Huang Tai Fei (信皇太妃), a concubine of the Jiaqing Emperor.

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